Initial user journey diagram

Initial wireframes created in Sketch

Form entry for the post-deploy app

Error page

WPF Wizard design

Responsible for the UI/UX design of a Windows Presentation Foundation 'Wizard' experience that assisted employess with the upgrade of their operating system.

Challenges & approaches

  • I worked closely with the developer, architect and the client's brand representative to refine the user journey and apply the company's brand to the UI. The challenge here was in maintaining the company's identity and voice whilst retaining an OS-level of authority.
  • There were many complex concepts and choices and 'behind-the-scenes' logic that all had to be presented in a straightforward manner to all levels of Windows user. A basic, animated progress indicator was introduced to help the user gauge their position in the process.
  • The experience was split over several projects where device reboots would require the user journey to continue. The UI therefore needed to retain consistency to prove that post-reboot the experience was continuing, yet subtley highlight that a change in the process had occurred.
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