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Windows Phone app design review

Providing design feedback on apps under development can be extremely valuable to developers who lack design input in-house. This can give the app that extra polish and professional look and feel. Working with design partner, Debbie George, we completed a design review for a Windows Phone app.

Challenges & approaches

  • Working closely with the developer, we reviewed the working app, plus screenshots as the app progressed. Working in this agile way, providing feedback during the development process, allows for far easier amendments and changes from the developer's perspective than further on down the line.
  • Having reviewed apps on the Windows platform for Microsoft, we are familiar with the design guidelines. We therefore ensured the app adhered to these where applicable.
  • A report was delivered to the developer consisting of UX and visual design recommendations, including screenshots and mockups. Further feedback and discussion took place as suggestions were implemented both verbally on a one-to-one basis and via email.
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