Wireframes illustrated the user journey and were shared with users

An interaction pane allowed users to capture stages in a process

A summary page could be accessed at any point

Search/filter facility allowed quick access to long lists

UWP tablet capture app

UX/UI design for a multi-national organisation's manufacturing process plant tablet capture app

Challenges & approaches

  • The app's aim was to assist engineers and operators in capturing the process and associated observations during a trial experiment. The information recorded was complex and required shadowing users to see the kind of data recorded and the conditions in which the app was to be used. It was necessary to witness the current recording methods in order to understand how these could be enhanced and improved. Working closely with developers, test, users and project stakeholders allowed for prompt responses to any feedback acquired.
  • The main challenge for the interface design involved presenting complex information, whilst allowing for large touch targets. This resulted in competition for real estate. Reducing the number of interactions required in order to record a process or observation was always considered so as to allow users to spend as much time as possible observing the trial rather than interacting with the app.
  • Extending the organisation brand to the app where possible contributed to the sense of continuity for users with existing applications, offering familiarity to a new digital product.
  • Limited time on the project required rapid wireframing and responses to feedback, further enabled by the agile process methodology followed by the team as a whole.
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