Offering design support to individual developers and development teams

  • UI design for Web, Mobile and Desktop
  • UX/UI app design reviews
  • HTML/CSS or XAML page styling
  • Construction of Information Architecture maps

Website design, HTML/CSS template construction for NettMore's content-managed site for Holts Academy

Windows Phone design & XAML page construction for Steam Achievements app

Windows Phone Information Architecture map for music streaming service app

Windows Phone panorama concept design for airline app

Design review report for Windows Phone app

Website design and HTML/CSS template construction for Alfa Aid content-managed site, customer of NettMore

Games character design, asset creation and XAML animation for Silverlight game, 'Olop'

Windows Phone design and XAML page contruction for Cobens' Pension Aware app

iOS visual design for NettMore app

Windows Phone concept design for TV listing app

Windows Universal app design and XAML page construction for enterprise news app

Design and HTML/CSS template construction for Net Technical Solutions' content-managed website for Burley & Geach